My name is Alicia Donaldson, I’m 34 and live in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. At the start of 2011 I was obese and now I run my own Mobile Personal Training Business and do freelance weight loss consultancy. My mission is to get every woman to lift weights and to understand how to regain control of their nutrition.

In my weight loss blog I will cover:

  • how to minimise the impact of severe weight loss on your body – the sagging / saggy skin myth!
  • best exercise for weight loss
  • getting your mind primed for weight loss
  • supplementation for weight loss – some work others are scary!
  • nutrition for weight loss – fast and permanent
  • keeping the weight off
  • resources for weight loss – what books, websites and other media I recommend
  • exercise clothing – don’t let your bouncing belly put you off!
  • hormones – what you can do to rebalance and lose weight
  • primal, paleo life in the United Kingdom
  • lifestyle choices – kicking about Glasgow in vibram 5 fingers!
  • lessons learned from my personal training clients
  • loads more musings as I continue to experiment and live my own weight loss story

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