Exercise more and eat less – DOES NOT WORK – you need to eat to rebalance your system and eliminate cravings and do exercise that increases your metabolism

I am an actual cavewoman! Well only sometimes you will find me standing over the hob, tearing and eating a whole chicken. This is only when I’ve been deprived of food for too long.

To lose 20% of my body fat I switched to eating like our ancestors – known as the Paleo Diet. No calorie counting, just clean eating. It is what we ate pre-agriculture so is naturally low in carbs and high in protein. This makes losing fat easy – you quickly stop having cravings and feel great!

Here is the link to my Facebook photo album of my first foray into Paleo cooking:


Where people can go wrong when trying paleo:

  • not enough planning and cooking – you cannot eat on the hoof…
  • not drinking enough water – minimum 3 litres water a day is essential when cutting down on carbs
  • thinking eating organic, grass fed is impossible or too expensive – its not. Get organic/grass fed as much as possible – again plan ahead and buy online if you can afford it http://www.athleat.co.uk and eating non-grass fed beef is much better than eating a pizza! And that is where you will save money, not buying any crap, I guarantee you won’t spend more and if you argue this point, you’re looking for an excuse
  • eating too much high sugar fruit – ok for maintenance, not weight loss
  • not eating enough – yes pop some mince and avocado in your breakfast omelette!
  • not committing to it long enough to test it – give it at least 4 weeks. You might feel like crap in the first week. And awesome after that passes
  • not feeling they can eat out – ask for no sauce, its easy
  • not learning the rules of paleo – educate yourself then you’ll always stick to it
  • listening to old school thinkers who insist you need to eat whole grains etc for a healthy diet – meatballs to them! This is your life and its worth finding what works for you.